1st Digital Album “Rubbish Market” 2021.3.26 release

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3rd Single “All I want is you” EP ver.

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2nd Single “It will be easier” EP ver. 配信終了

1st Single “Brain Confusion” EP ver. 配信終了

How ‘bout Virtual banquet ?

2019年暮れころから「何か2人でできないか?」と暗中模索五里霧中一寸先は闇と延び々になっていたユニット計画に着手しGeorge Nishiyama 1stアルバム収録の”Brain Confusion”をセルフカバーを気取ってリリースするも、当初の目的であった「配信のギャラで伊達巻、若しくは栗きんとんを購入」には至らなかったと信頼できる情報筋より入手。
リベンジのつもりか夏の終りに2ndシングル”It will be easier”をリリース。無国籍あるいは多国籍料理風の楽曲が一部で話題になり、3rdシングル”All I want is you”をリリース。現在ヒットチャートをうなぎ登りするため屈伸運動中。
そんなこんなでついに2021.3.26ファーストアルバム”Rubbish Market”をリリース!楽曲の解説やその曲への想ひ入れなど、こちらから植え付ける先入観念は一切なしで聴いて感じたままを愉しんでください。
Welcome to the virtual party of Kyoto’s funky bassist Yoshinosuke Hagihara and Tokyo’s sociopathic George Nishiyama.
They met in a group on a huge social networking site, and their common topic was anime rather than music.
It’s a great way to get to know each other. I’m sure you’ll be able to guess what I’m talking about. However, I was told by a reliable source that they were not able to achieve their original goal of “buying Datemaki or Chestnut Kintoons with the money from the distribution.
The second single “It will be easier” was released at the end of summer. The third single, “All I want is you,” was released after some people started talking about the song’s stateless or international cuisine style. They’re currently flexing muscles to climb up the charts.
Finally, she released her first album “Rubbish Market” on March 26, 2021! Please listen to the songs and enjoy them as you feel them, without any commentary or preconceived notions about the songs.

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